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Penn State

Obama is Dead

White iPhone 4

Why Republicans Like Donald Trump

Republican Jobs Creation Plan

The Palin Effect

Conversations with a Teabagger

Motivation for Steve Jobs

Retarded Notes

If Republicans Ran NPR

Hatin’ in Haiti

Who Wants Blood?

Nude Senator

Superbowl Abortion

The True Story of Coco

Whites Only Basketball

Jon Minus Kate Plus STFU

Anger Treatment Professionals

Northwest Flight 188 Laptop Use

H1N1 Vaccine Shortage

Leave Dick Cheney Alone

Hate Crimes

Nook Vs Kindle

Socialism Confusion

Chain of Command – Stewart Nozette

Balloon Boy?

When Republicans Discovery Ayn Rand

Republicans for Rape

Global Warming is a Hoax!

Poof of Logic

Bomb the Moon!

It’s Not in the Constitution

Health Care

Kanye is a Jackass

Socialist Network

Rep. Joe Wilson Goes to Church with Town Hallers

Obama Speaking to Children

Pre-Existing Reason for Protesting

Town Hall Comedy

Health Care Debate

Belief Confusion

Conspiracy Collision

Maybe Rupublicans Shouldn’t Try to Think

Remembering MJ

Judge Sotomayor is a Racist!

Where Should We Put Muslim Terrorist Suspects

Wedding Date

Christian Rock

It’s My Birthday

Republican Rebranding and Fundraising Plan

Banking with Jesus

Fun With Bullshit

God Doesn’t Endorse Democrats

Why Republicans Hate President Obama

Seis De Mayo

Republicans Like Waterboarding

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